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LSC operates a well maintained start of art feet, which includes different type of vehicles to the customer’s requirement. LSC operate one of biggest feet in Kingdom, with some of unique feature like:

  • ·         State of art design to carry more weight and volume
  • ·         Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
  • ·         Truck and Trace for goods tracking
  • ·         Online access for customer for monitoring
  • ·         Inte grated ERP for better reporting and communication
  • ·         Preventive maintenance with our own experts for better performance

Hoppers and Tippers

Capacity: 30 Ton , Capacity: 35 Ton

Product: All Kind of Grains


Capacity: 30 Ton , Type: Air Compressors

Product: Cement and multi products


Capacity: 30 Ton , Type: 12 Meters and 15 Meter

New adaptive design for multipurpose / multi-cargo

loading – Containers, Pipes and general cargo

Car Carrier:

Capacity: 6 SUV & 2 Cars

More capacity and light weight

Curtain Sider

Capacity: 30

Length 15 Meter, Height 2.75 m

More Space and Capacity can take up to 28 pallets


Capacity: 4,5,6,8,10,12 Ton


Folding Walls for efficient loading and unloading.

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Who are we?

The company covers logistic management, including custom clearance, Warehousing and Road Freight Transportation.

We are certified ISO 9001-2008 Company.

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